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Aaaand We’re Back…

But I’m not making any promises. It’s been a long and tiring week. I got a little taste of what it’s like to have two babies, close in age (in this case, a mere 10 months apart!). It only took a few days of watching my 21 month old nephew to question my desire to have another baby quickly! I love my nephew to pieces but the poor kiddo still needs so much attention and doesn’t understand why it’s not good to fold the baby in half and sit on her. (Seriously.)

The bathroom continues on its progress after some setbacks and delays. My husband and brother-in-law took out the 300 pound cast iron bathtub, which has proved to be the biggest hold up in the project… the first replacement tub I picked out was incompatible with our ancient plumbing system, which uses the old plunger-style stopper (I have no idea what the technical term is!). In this picture, you can see that the bathtub is gone, and some of the sheetrock has gone up. Once the new tub goes in, the rest of the work will go much quicker.

You might notice something different about the comments. First, I installed a new plugin that allows me to respond directly to your comments! Second, I installed CommentLuv, a plugin that grabs a link to the last blogpost you wrote (if you have a blog) and adds it to your comment.

  • http://digitalbonnie.com Bonnie K

    Can I get that plug in too? Can’t wait to see the bathroom pics when it’s all done
    PS my niece and nephew were 15 months apart. Great to have them done with bottles and diapers and that was that

    Bonnie K’s last blog post..Dreaming: Slice #25

  • http://nycwpinquiry.com Nancy Cavillones

    @Bonnie K – I think you can get the plug-in…do you want one or both?

  • http://www.bakingandbooks.com Ari

    Having two babies at once seems like it would be so hard. One of my cousins had her babies 11 months apart – no idea how she did it!

    Hope you enjoyed your Storyville. :)

    Ari’s last blog post..Honey Ricotta Cheesecake with Almond Crust Plus: 7 Tips for Perfect Cheesecake

    • http://nycwpinquiry.com Nancy Cavillones

      11 months? Wow… the math is making my brain hurt.

      The Storyville is awesome.